3 Kinds of Rich Men That Are Undateable

Not every rich man is a good catch. I would argue that there are basically three types of rich men that you must avoid at all cost! Let me explain.

Rich Man with Girls

#1. Stingy men who actually have a lot of money

Some people contend that old-money rich guys are more stingy because their money is either in real estate or in other investments (they don't have money to spend on women), whilst others believe that new-money wealthy guys who are self-made multi-millionaires tend to be more stingy as they know the difficulty of making money (they don't want to give away what they've accumulated in a hard way). As I see it, this is more about a rich man's personality; it's less about his circumstances. There is an effective way to test whether a wealthy man is generous or not: When you go to a fancy restaurant with him, you order the most expensive item from each category on the menu. If he has no objection, you know this millionaire guy can deliver. Otherwise, you know he is stingy and you should avoid dating him. In my opinion, everyone spends money on things they value; therefore, if he doesn't want to spend money on you, he doesn't value you - your beauty or youth has no value in his eyes. Period.

#2. Narcissistic men who think they are the center of the universe

These men are also known as "energy vampires" which is a term coined by Dr. Christiane Northup, author of Dodging Energy Vampires. Sometimes a narcissistic guy with money will give you a good time because they want to have a good time themselves. No matter what experience he gives you, you have to analyze his motive - Does he do something nice because he really wants to make you happy? Or does he do something nice just to make himself feel better? If a rich man doesn't care about you at all because he is a narcissist, dating him is just a waste of time. For instance, an attractive woman was dating a narcissistic rich guy and something was wrong in the bedroom. Instead of trying to accommodate her needs to some degree, that wealthy guy simply told her it was all her fault. They were dating for several years, but when she looked at his social media, she couldn't even see one photo which included her in it - that millionaire guy still looked like the most eligible bachelor in the world. You know what, he didn't even add her as a friend on social media, even though they were looking at their own Facebook pages in the same bedroom! In this case, they had to break up in the end.

#3. Playboys who go out to party every night

Usually, playboys have rich dads. That's why they have money to enjoy themselves by going to parties all the time. Because playboys receive allowance from their rich fathers, they don't really have their own money. Consequently, they can't spend too much money on women. Most of them would rather spend money on drinking, smoking, doing drugs, etc. Meanwhile, hot women think these playboys are rich, so they are willing to chase these playboys. In this way, playboys only need to invest very little in women and they can get laid. That is true in most cases about playboys. Worse still, most playboys are not looking for wives anyway, so if you would like to marry a rich man, you shouldn't date a playboy.

In conclusion, you would be well-advised to avoid three types of undatable rich men: stingy guys, narcissists and playboys. Good luck!

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