What Does a Christian Millionaire Look for While Choosing a Wife

A Christian millionaire is successful, elegant and cultured. When a rich man like that is looking for a wife, he tends to pay more attention to certain things that other men aren't aware of. Therefore, if you are considering marrying a Christian millionaire, it's time to take notes!

Christian Millionaire Dating

  • A Christian millionaire's ideal wife has a sweet and pleasant personality. Looking for a wife is different from looking for a girlfriend or lover. Frankly, most men put women into different categories, e.g. wife materials, casual hook-ups, lovers/mistresses, etc. Hence, a woman with a sweet and pleasant personality usually belongs to wife materials' category because a good personality is very important to a healthy marriage. In contrast, lovers and mistresses don't necessarily have to have a pleasant personality because those aren't long-term partners anyway.
  • His perfect wife should be a Christian woman or has a tendency to believe in Christianity. If Christianity is already your faith, you are more likely to marry a Christian millionaire because the majority of Christian millionaires want to marry Christian women. However, that doesn't mean women without a religion don't have a chance to marry a rich man who believes in Christianity. As a matter of fact, as long as you are happy to join some of his religious activities and you don't have any negative comments on his religion, he will still like you. Many Christian rich men have married women who only told them that they also believe in God.
  • His loving wife needs to know how to manage personal finances. A lot of Christian millionaires financially support charities, partly because they want to help others, and partly because that's their tax write-off. Also, when these wealthy guys are donating money to charities, they can meet other powerful men who might become their business contacts. Meanwhile, these Christian millionaires' wives would be well-advised to know how to manage finances properly. For instance, a rich man like that may ask his wife to set up multiple bank accounts and one of them is for charities, so his wife's job is to manage these bank accounts. Clearly, in order to become a Christian millionaire's wife, you will probably need to learn more about how to manage personal finances well.
  • His beautiful wife has to make his social life magnificent. As a wealthy man who believes in Christianity, this guy has a very active social life because he is involved in the local church and charities. As a result, he is already surrounded by many like-minded people who are also rich. If you are married to this guy, you will need to add value to his social life so that he will look good. Thus, you may want to read more books about social skills and conversation skills. Apart from that, you might consider hiring a professional makeup artist to do your hair and makeup before you go out with your Christian millionaire for important events. Of course, your clothes must match his outfit for the night. When he attends a function with a gorgeous woman like you, that's very good for his ego. And other men will envy him. Once you are at the function with him, don't forget to meet new people because your attractive personality will probably attract new business contacts for your rich husband. In this way, your perceived value will become higher in your wealthy husband's eyes.

Do you have all of these above-mentioned four qualities? Maybe you already have some of these, but you probably still need to work on one or two of these key points. And that's perfectly normal. We wish you all the best!

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