How to Date Rich Men and Get Paid

Jacqueline Kennedy famously said, "There are two kinds of women, those who want power in the world and those who want power in bed." But that theory doesn't apply to 2018 because we live in the 21st century when things have changed fundamentally - now empowered women can have power in the world and in bed at the same time. All you need to do is to date rich men and also get paid by doing that.

Date Rich Men and Get Paid

  • Become a sugar baby. If your goal is to receive allowance regularly from a rich man, then you should consider becoming a sugar baby because that's how an arrangement works. A sugar daddy is a wealthy man who is happy to be a sugar baby's sponsor, as long as she can meet his needs. If you have to date a guy anyway, why not date a sugar daddy? You can simply create a dating profile on a sugar daddy dating site and get started today.
  • Become a spoilt girlfriend. Some women don't prefer the title "sugar baby", so they choose an indirect approach which is perfectly fine. Major differences between a sugar baby and a spoilt girlfriend are: 1) A sugar baby directly asks for allowance from her sugar daddy, whereas a spoilt girlfriend receives gifts from her rich boyfriend. 2) A sugar baby's arrangement with her sugar daddy is oftentimes confidential, but a spoilt girlfriend and her rich boyfriend's relationship can go public. As to how to date rich men, you need to have access to them first. Next time when you dress up and go to a high-end nightclub, remember to approach the wealthy guy who has paid for a table. If you are too shy to approach men, then this website is not for you. We create this website for bold women who know their worth and what they deserve - they can proactively change their own lives instead of waiting for things to happen to them. Don't be a waiter; be a creator!
  • Combine these two elements. In reality, you can even become both of them at the same time, i.e. a sugar baby who is also a spoilt girlfriend because some sugar daddies don't mind whether arrangements go public or not. And many sugar daddies are very happy to buy you expensive gifts and treat you like a spoilt girlfriend as well. Some sugar daddies have even married their sugar babies - that's absolutely normal.
  • If you decide to date multiple rich men at the same time to maximize the profit.... That's totally possible. As a matter of fact, a lot of hot women date more than one sugar daddy/rich man at the same time because they know their biggest asset is beauty and youth which won't last forever. A sugar baby will probably retire from the sugar bowl one day and she must have a retirement plan, right? The best retirement plan is to accumulate enough wealth when you still can and invest your money to make passive income in the long term, thereby having power in the world as well. That's why dating multiple sugar daddies at the same time and get paid is the most intelligent approach of all.

Overall, dating a millionaire man is easier than you think. All it takes is confidence, initiative, fearlessness and strategies. Once a rich guy is addicted to you physically, mentally and spiritually, he will probably marry you. In that case, you will get paid no matter what - you either get paid for the rest of your life because your sponsor is also your husband or get paid when the marriage doesn't work because a divorce means a big bill for a rich man.

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