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Sugar Daddy Today Review

SugarDaddyToday made its debut back in 2007 when online sugar relationship was still comparatively a new concept. Till today, it has already been overtaken and completely submerged by all other ambitious and powerful newcomers. And to counter the competition and try to survive this ferocious rat race, it has totally removed its restriction and given full access to all its members at the initial stage. Meanwhile, free membership also comes with with some unwelcome snags. Read on and find out more details.

Signing Up

Like what's been said before, the site is old, and its design also looks ancient. After clicking on the “Join Now” button, you will be led to a rather straightforward profile creation page which contains a few questions that you need to answer before your membership is confirmed. You should provide your email and preferred password, and supply other info like member category (whether you are a sugar daddy or mommy looking for a sugar baby or companion), so that you will be able to customize your search settings to make your account available to your chosen demographic of daddies and babies.

Distinctive Features:

  • Full membership -- This means all members can send messages, receive messages, view messages all for free, while other sugar dating sites only allow standard members to receive messages but cannot reply.
  • Easy search -- Your search options will include Ethnicity Search, Profile with Photos Search, Last Search etc.
  • Hot lists -- They are lists of members that you are particularly interested in. Likewise, the Reverse Hot List shows you members who have put you on their Hot List.
  • Offsite contact info -- You are encouraged to post your email address and other direct contact info to your profile, so that you can contact others or be contacted by others directly off the site. This may make up a little bit for the quite limited communication features of the site.


  • 1-week free membership.
  • $7 per month if you want to continue using the premium membership.


  • You can cancel your membership anytime
  • No-Bot zone
  • No ads, spams, offsite marketing
  • Privacy protected
  • Full-access membership to all registered users within first week
  • Allow users to post their email address and other direct contact info, and check out the direct contact info others have posted, so that they can contact one another directly.


  • Outdated site design
  • Fewer features compared with other competitor sites
  • No site forums, blogs, private chat room etc.
  • Slow customer response, and it takes at least 4 business hours to 2 business day to approve a new profile
  • Very few quality Sugar Babies and insufficient legit Sugar Daddies

Editor's Verdict

Though advertised itself as a 100% free site, SugarDaddyToday plays a bait-and-switch game with its users. After signing up, you will be instantly required to provide your paying account info. And more strange thing comes on the next page which says your first 10 days are free, while later you will get an email telling you that only 1 week free days are offered, which means you somehow lost 3 days without doing anything wrong.

The site is actually more suitable for average people who do not have lots of wealth but still want a taste of sugar relationship. It does not cost too much to become a premium member, and it’s very easy to use and understand. With service range covering Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby, Sugar Momma, Transexual / Transgender, and same-sex relationship, SugarDaddyToday is an affordable sugar dating website that basically meets the needs of arrangement finders. If the value for money is your biggest concern when it comes to seeking a sugar relationship, then this might be the perfect place for you to start with.

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