How to Deal With a Rich Man Who is Hot and Cold

Rich men are high-value men in the society. As a result, they don't lack the opportunities to meet many pretty women. Consequently, if you are dating a rich man, it's quite likely for him to be hot and cold because he is probably not sure whether he wants to be with you in the long term - Yes, the brutal truth is not something you want to hear, but it's still true.

Today we'd like to show you how to deal with a rich man who is hot and cold. Listen up and take notes:

Deal With a Rich Man

There are three typical reasons why rich men are hot and cold:

1. They don't see you as a sexual woman, so there is not enough chemistry.

2. You invested a lot in them (rich men didn't prove themselves first).

3. Rich men didn't feel appreciated when they were with you (they didn't feel that they could make you happy - rich men need this kind of validation, i.e. being able to make their women happy).

So let's look at how to deal with each issue:

1. If he doesn't see you as a sexual woman...

You must become a sexual woman, no matter you want a rich man in your life or not. This is because life is short and youth is even shorter! You should enjoy sexuality and become a luscious woman, so you will love yourself more and rich men will be attracted to you more. There are a few ways to become a sexual woman. For instance, you can read erotica, buy an online program which teaches sexuality, hire a dating coach, etc.

2. If you have invested a lot in him and he didn't prove himself in the first place...

There is a difference between liking a person and respecting a person. If he disappears and comes back, and you are completely okay with it, then he doesn't respect you anymore, although he still likes you.

Men need to earn your investment in them. A guy needs to feel that every step of the way, he is earning the investment/attention you give him. That's how he feels rewarded.

Also, a guy likes a woman who doesn't need his approval and just does her own thing (i.e. you have an amazing life with or without a guy).

Establish some standards such as “I won't sleep with a guy until we have built an emotional connection”, “I only give so much attention to a guy if he hasn't earned the priority in my life, so my work, my family, my friends and my hobbies are still more important than this guy” & “I only invest in a guy based on how much he invests in me, rather than how much I like him.” If a guy has invested in you and has earned the priority in your life, you can rearrange things in your life and give him more attention. If he becomes cold, you re-prioritize things in your life and make other areas of your life more important than him. (This doesn't mean you should treat him in a cold or negative way. In fact, when he comes back, you should still be amazing and sexy, but you just don't be that available anymore.) Then he will see that in order to make you give him more time, he has to invest in you more. In other words, don't tell him about your standards; show him!

3. If he doesn't feel appreciated...

This is probably the easiest problem to solve - you simply need to express your gratitude and appreciation each time he does something good for you, thereby encouraging him to do that more! You can say, “You look so sexy when you open the door for me!” Then he will want to do that ALL THE TIME!

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