How to Get a Rich Man to Notice You

There are numerous hot women in this world, so if you want to date a rich guy, you are literally competing with countless beautiful women. Now this article will show you how to stand out from the crowd so that other women are not even your competition.

Get Rich Man Notice You

Femininity is your secret power

When mainstream fashion magazines are telling you modern and masculine outfits are in right now, you would be well-advised to know those magazines are very misleading. Rich men don't care about "what's in" because they have their own taste, i.e. they want radiant, sweet and feminine women! Therefore, your ideal outfits should have feminine elements that can't appear on men, e.g. pink, butterflies, love hearts, pearls, flowers, and so on. Rich men are masculine alpha guys, so they all secretly crave femininity like that because opposites attract! A powerful woman has a strong heart and thinks like men, but she always looks soft, gentle and feminine! Another good idea is to wear a tight dress which shows off your perfect figure!

Wear red

Always wear something red, no matter it's a red dress or red lipstick. Research has found that women who wear red are more likely to be approached by confident and high-value men because red stimulates powerful men's desire for challenge. If you join a millionaire dating site, make sure you wear something red in your profile photo so that rich men will click on your profile! When you go to functions where you can meet a lot of rich men, make sure you wear red! If you are going to a fancy party at night, you can even wear red mascara - that will let rich guys' imagination go wild!

Use a signature perfume

An intelligent woman knows how to use a signature scent to her advantage. Never underestimate the power of scent! A study in the United Kingdom indicates that scent is an emotional trigger - when a man and a woman is having a good time together, his subconscious remembers her scent, so next time when he smells that scent again, he would surely think about her. Therefore, now it's time to use a perfume and make it your signature scent. Ideally, your signature perfume should include at least one of the following elements: rose, musk, ylang ylang, sandalwood and jasmine because these scents are considered aphrodisiacs. Some recommendations are L'occitane Roses ET reines Eau de Toilette and Lancome Trésor Midnight Rose Eau de Parfum.

Wear statement earrings

An Australian study shows that wealthy men are most attracted to women who wear statement earrings because earrings are closer to a woman's face, compared with other jewelry. Your earrings don't have to be outlandish, but they have to be eye-catching. Rich men can't resist your charm when your statement earrings are shining through your long hair! Well, your earrings don't need to break the bank. So you don't necessarily have to go to Tiffany's or Cartier today. Instead, you can buy some earrings online where there are so many options to choose from. Alternatively, you can visit Pandora and find high-quality silver earrings that are affordable. Better still, when your earrings are so beautiful, they are the automatic conversation starter - a rich man will probably give you a compliment because of your earrings: "Your earrings are so pretty!" Now you can begin a conversation with him.

Always prepare something impressive to say

Your beauty will get rich men's attention, but your brains will keep them around. When you are actually talking to a rich guy, make sure the conversation is interesting, intelligent and thought-provoking, so that the wealthy man wants to keep talking to you. You have to demonstrate your insight and wisdom quickly, thus you'd better keep a reading list and begin to read some books so that you will always have something impressive to talk about.

If you can implement what you've learned from this article, other women (your competition) will be rendered irrelevant!

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