How to Meet Rich Men in Atlanta

LamborghiniAtlanta is the most important economic hub in all of southeastern part of the country. This makes Atlanta home to many wealthy and successful people among which there are sure to be some singles as well. So if you want to meet rich men in Atlanta, here are top 5 tips to try out.

1. Look in the right professions

The mainstay of Atlanta's economy are the corporate and finance sectors. The city is only behind New York City, Houston and Dallas in the largest number of 500 Fortune companies headquartered within city limits. Several major national and multinational companies have their headquarters in Atlanta or its nearest suburbs. In fact Over 75% of the Fortune 1000 companies have a presence in the Atlanta area, and the region hosts offices of about 1,250 multinational corporations. As a major corporate hub, therefore Atlanta is home to some of the richest CEOs, CFOs and other equally successful executives in this part of the country. Most of them easily make more than a million a year, not to mention performance incentives and other lifestyle perks. So in case you want to hook up with a wealthy date in Atlanta, you may want to begin your search with the movers and shakers of the corporate world. The Downtown business districts, the CNN Center and suburbs like Sandy Springs are the places to frequent if you want to come across the hot shots of the business and corporate world in Atlanta.

2. Reach for the high-fliers

Another major segment of Atlanta's economy is the airlines industry. In fact the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta has been the world's busiest in terms of passenger traffic as well as operations ever since it was opened to public half a century back. Among all the carriers based in Atlanta, it is Delta Air Lines which is the most successful. Today Delta is the largest employer of the Atlanta city and the third-largest in the metropolitan area. Thus if you want to fly high with a guy from Atlanta, watch out for the big shots from the airlines industry and particularly those employed with the major carriers based in the city.

3. Find out where they live

Frequenting the wealthy neighborhoods offers a much better chance of mingling with the jet-setting crowd as compared to bar or pub-hopping and trusting your lucky stars to land you with a rich date. Sometimes even the wealthy like to go out for a morning run or pick up case of beer while heading home after a working day. Thus supermarkets, parks and coffee shops in rich residential areas are the places to hang out if you would like to be noticed by its wealthy residents. In Atlanta among the neighborhoods with a million dollar-plus households are Buckhead, known locally as the Beverly Hills of Atlanta along with a large part of North-Central Fulton County, the upcoming Atlantic Station as well as Virginia Highlands, Candler Park, Inmar Park, Midtown and the eclectic mix of Little Five Points. According to a 2007 January Trend Radar report in 1, Atlanta is the destination of one of the fastest growing millionaire population in United States. The number of households in Atlanta with $1 million or more in investable assets, apart from primary residence and consumable goods, is set to increase 69% through 2011, and touch approximately 103,000 households.

4. Take the help of community centers

Atlanta has one of the largest percentages of African-American population among the biggest cities in United States. According to the 2006-2008 American Community Survey, African-Americans made up almost 56% of the total population in Atlanta. The city is also home to a growing number of millionaires in the African-American community who can be found in neighborhoods like Cascade, Camp Creek Parkway, South Cobb County and Stone Mountain. Therefore those women looking for a rich partner from within this particular population segment have a better chance of getting lucky in Atlanta as compared to many other American cities where the richest are mostly whites. Neighborhood Churches and events organized by them, especially fundraisers, might be a good way of getting to know the richest guys in your community. Atlanta in fact is a major base of traditionally African American denominations such as the National Baptist Convention as well as the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

5. Upscale Hang-outs

In order to meet the richest singles, it is crucial to know where they hang out for recreation. You are unlikely to have much luck if you try to chat up a company executive just as he is entering his office on a full working day. Rather wait till he relaxes with a drink late in the evening which is also the time when most of these corporate honchos network with clients and build business connections. Alternatively frequent the most exclusive nightspots in town over the weekends since this is the time when the rich boys are looking for some night-time action on a weekend in their favorite nightclubs. Most of the upper end pubs, bars and nightclubs in Atlanta are located in the Buckhead, Virginia Highlands or the Midtown areas. Buckhead in fact is estimated to have around three hundred nightclubs fully operational at any one time of which the Blue Room, Gold Room, Moon dogs, the Tongue and Groove are popular with the jet-setting crowd while the Cheetah Lounge and Opera in Midtown is especially a favorite with Atlanta's exclusive patrons. Coffee shops and restaurants in the Midtown and Downtown like the Dining Room at Ritz Carlton's Buckhead, Café Dupri, Buckhead Diner and Seeger's are other places where the most successful executives and financiers from the city's business districts might want to grab a quick bite or a latte during lunch hours.

Finding rich man to date is as much the result of hard work as a matter of luck. So while you head for the right places to come across successful singles, it would also be a good idea to cultivate a sense of style and a personality which would make you stand out from the crowd.

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