How to Meet Rich Men on a Cruise Ship

Meeting rich men on a cruise ship is a very creative idea. In fact, there are a lot of cruise ships which specifically organize dating trips for singles. Now the key point is how to meet millionaire men on these cruise ships!

Dating on Cruise Ship

Go on a cruise ship which specifically organizes trips for singles. These kinds of trips are quite common these days. All you need to do is to do some research online and see if there is any local activities like this. If you can't find a trip like this in your area, you may consider flying somewhere else to join such an activity for singles. Once you are on the cruise ship, figure out where the staterooms are. Staterooms are the best cabins which are occupied by the VIP guests on the ship. Now you should sit in the lounge near the staterooms and some rich men will chat you up!

Go on a cruise ship which accommodates thousands of people. If you are determined to find a high-quality millionaire man, you probably need to save some money and invest in a bigger trip, e.g. a cruise ship which travels from Japan to the United States or Australia. Oftentimes, a ship like that can accommodate 2000 or 3000 people at the same time, so you'll have a lot of options! It doesn't have to be a trip for singles because with a database of 2000 or 3000 people, you'll definitely meet some eligible wealthy singles! Remember: poor men wouldn't choose such a way to travel because someone with limited means can only become a backpacker! Take a cruise ship from Japan to Australia as an example - it takes seven weeks to finish the trip and this ship visits Hawaii, etc. As a result, you'll spend 49 days with these rich people in a relatively private environment and some of them must be single millionaires looking for love!

Actively participate in activities on the ship. The cruise director has to organize a range of interesting activities for everyone to join, so you would be well-advised to participate in these activities so that the rich guy of your dreams will notice you! No matter it is dancing to the music or a small gambling game for fun, you need to do it and be the star of the party!

Give rich men on the ship opportunities to help you. Do you still remember how Rose and Jack meet each other on Titanic? Jack notices Rose's beauty first, and then Rose nearly jumps into the ocean but Jack saves her life. Well, probably you wouldn't be that dramatic, yet there is some valuable wisdom to learn from Titanic: You have to give men opportunities to help you, so that they feel like real men. Traditionally, when A helps B, B likes A more. But according to a recent study, if A helps B, A actually likes B more as well because A feels valuable. Therefore, if you want men to like you, you should get them to help you! In your case, you may ask the rich guy to give you a hand when the trip on the shore requires you to jump a few steps. His heart will beat faster when he holds your hand in that way!

Now it's time to take action and plan your cruise to meet rich men!

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