Why MillionaireMatch is the Best Millionaire Dating Site

Millionaire MatchMillionaireMatch is considered to be the best millionaire dating site due to the following reasons:

This site has nearly 3 million users, so it is regarded as the largest millionaire dating website in the world. In order to find quality, quantity matters! Therefore, for singles who are looking for quality partners, this site is the right place to be.

MillionaireMatch.com was voted as "Best of the Web" by Forbes.com. Also, Wall Street Journal says, "MillionaireMatch.com highlights the 'millionaires' in its listings." Apart from that, this site has really good press: CNN, abc, CBS, etc.

This website also offers celebrities and VIP members' services, including personal dating assistant, weekly personal follow ups, etc. Celebrities and VIP members are in the Premium Members' Area, and they can choose to be low key or high profile. This site is designed for successful and important people.

Seeking ArrangementSimilarly, SeekingArrangement is considered to be the best sugar daddy dating site in the world for these reasons:

This is the only sugar daddy dating site where sugar babies can directly include how much allowance they expect in their profiles. Therefore, being upfront and honest really helps sugar babies to find someone who will cater to their needs.

This site clearly says there are four sugar babies per sugar daddy among its members. So both sugar babies and sugar daddies know what they should expect, and there is no need to keep guessing how likely they can find an arrangement.

SeekingArrangement.com has seven different languages that users can choose - this is not very common among sugar daddy dating sites (or any dating websites) - Apparently, with over 5 million members, this site is serving people all over the world.

A very common question that singles ask is: What's the difference between millionaire dating and sugar daddy dating? Well, here is the answer:

Millionaire dating is about having relationships with rich people. These relationships can be long-term relationships or casual relationships. No terms and conditions are required. It is just mainstream dating in which millionaires are involved.

However, sugar daddy dating is about direct, honest and mutually beneficial relationships in which both sugar daddies and sugar babies get what they want. Sugar babies receive allowance, shopping sprees, exotic travel, mentorship and career support from sugar daddies; meanwhile, sugar daddies receive the companion of young and attractive women, sexual satisfaction and attention from sugar babies.

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