Why Rich Men Will Always Date Younger Women

rich men younger womenRich men are always seen with the younger women, and that leaves one wondering if there is a formula working here. It is common to come across 60 something man dating or married to 30 something. The only thing common among these relationships is that the men are rich, and the women are much younger to them. Some of those women are even old enough to be their daughters. It leaves one pondering as to how so many middle-aged rich guys manage to get a beautiful young woman on their arms? They do make odd couples but seem to be madly in love. Perhaps the young woman is after the money and security, and the older guy is enjoying the youth in his partner. Well, who knows?

The guy with the biggest cave

Men of all sizes and ages envy those rich guys, who still manage to get the best of the girls out there, despite their age. The feminists raise their voices against such relations and compare those women with gold diggers. The truth is that the situation is something that is quite primeval. Why a multi-millionaire is facially challenged man who is well past his middle age likely to be surrounded by much younger and beautiful women? At the base of it, those cavemen instincts seem to be working here. The women have always wanted to feel safe and secure while the men look at themselves as the main providers. The women feel safe and care for in the company of the rich guy, and they certainly do not mind his age. Thus, the guy with the biggest cave will always get the girl.

The rich and older men

The rich old men feel that they have worked hard for the riches and deserve the gorgeous women out there. There are plenty of younger women who are more than willing to give them their company or even share their life with them. The other side of the story is that men, rich or not rich have always preferred younger women. Much research has gone on older men dating younger women. It is taken for granted that most men in their 30s, 40s, and 50s tend to get sexually attracted to younger women.

It is also true that the older rich men can afford to offer their love interest whatever they need. These are mutually beneficial relations where each partner is feeding their ego. The older guy loves showing off his prize to other men, telling them that he can afford to get whatever he wishes for. After all, a beautiful young woman is a treat for any man. The younger women, on the other hand, is enjoying all the attention. This is their precious ticket to good life and lots of wealth. She is busy enjoying the goodies in her life such as designer clothes, expensive gifts, exotic vacations and many more.

An older man without money is certainly not going to be attractive to a younger woman unless there is a strong reason like pure love. Most women will fall for the richer and older guys because of the security and stability they would get from their relationship. There is no fixed answer to why the rich men will always want or get younger women. The simple and plain truth that is obvious here is that they can because they are wealthy and successful.

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