Rich Men Dating Can Solve Younger Women's Financial Issues

meet a sugar daddyRich men have always sought attractive, younger girls to date - ever since a man first saw a woman!

Over time this sort of dating (rich man/younger woman) has often been termed sugar daddy dating. In such cases, usually, the image which comes to mind is of an older, financially secure man willing and able to take care of the financial needs of his younger, attractive, smart woman - more than likely in her late teens or early 20s.

The lady in question might be just starting her career and needs that extra financial help or, more frequently these days, needs the money to help her complete her studies at University or college. The cost of tuition rises steadily every year, leaving many students in debt for years after graduation, even if they have a scholarship or are working part-time and/or doing freelance work.

So, dating a rich man or sugar daddy can be seen as an attractive alternative proposition. To be fair, though, these so-called compensated dating or dating for kind forms of sugar daddy dating are not really part of a new phenomenon and have been the cornerstone of many older men/younger women relationships over many years.

It's just that with the advent of instant communications being available to all parts of the worlds in seconds, people are far more aware of sugar daddy dating - plus, in many cases, the female protagonists no longer seek to keep their relationships secret. They may well tell their friends either to their face or through social media channels, especially as such dating no longer has a stigma or a negative connotation associated with it.

Indeed, more and more younger women are using online sugar daddy sites, finding them to be a great resource and meeting place to find rich men looking for love... and, maybe, more. Preferred routes to find a sugar daddy include looking through SugarDaddyForMe or SugarDaddie, a couple of the largest of the websites catering to this dating niche.

The bottom line: if a female student can find a wealthy benefactor to help her pay tuition, accommodation and other living expenses on a regular basis in return for offering the man companionship and sexual favours, then this appears to be a win-win situation for both parties. The sugar daddy gets his sugar baby and can also contribute towards her education and future career prospects - which can be seen as a positive from his perspective!

Naturally, there are two sides to every argument and there are two big questions for many people, namely: are such relationships or arrangements simply thinly veiled prostitution; and is the older, rich man is taking advantage of women in a vulnerable situation?

At the end of the day, though, richmen dating is not new, and it really has to be up to the participating individuals to decide for themselves on how far to go...

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