Do Rich Men Really Pay Attention to a Woman's Appearance

Beautiful WomenMany men claim that looks don't matter to them at all. Then there are others who say that looks are the most important quality to them in a woman. The question still remains, do rich men really pay attention to a woman's appearance?

According to Cosmo, guys usually don't even care about a woman's appearance. For example, most men don't care if a woman has a terrible acne breakout while she is stressing out. These are small things that only women care about. A man is looking at the bigger picture. He is looking at things such as the dress she is wearing. Does it show too much or not enough? Is it appropriate for her to wear around his other male friends? These are the small things that he is aware of.

Hair is another thing that women stress out over. They will ask their boyfriend how their hair looks and each time he will probably say that it looks fine. He doesn't notice something small like straight or wavy hair. He notices that she still looks beautiful regardless of how her hair looks.

There are a few things that rich men do pay attention to when it comes down to his lady's appearance. Men do want to be with a woman who has a beautiful face and who has a nice body. Many surveys have stated that personality is important to them, but the first thing they see is a woman's face. Then the men will size her up to see how much of her body they can see. This is an immediate attraction for most men. They like things that are beautiful and many men have said that if there is no attraction from the first glance, there is no hope for that woman.

Women have said that when it comes to a man's appearance, it is a close second to their earnings and ambition. Clearly, men and women think a lot differently when it comes to how we view one another.

Overall, it seems that men are judging women as they walk by or as they chat with them. Rich men are drawn to perfect bodies and perfect faces. Women, on the other hand, seem to be drawn more to the earnings and the potential of a man and not as much how he looks. This could be the reason that there are now so many women seeking sugar daddies.

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