Tinder Has Entered Millionaire Dating Market - Does Tinder Select Work

Tinder SelectHave you noticed that Tinder has introduced a new feature that you'll never have access to? Now Tinder has a new service that is not open to the general public. It is called “Tinder Select”. This is a secret invite-only service of Tinder, which means you have to be a millionaire in order to be accepted. Yet this new version of Tinder has recently become questionable:

Although Tinder has many advantages, this new feature really makes most people feel excluded - If you are an ambitious single interested in dating rich and successful people, Tinder doesn't allow you to do so. Isn't this discrimination? Many singles who use Tinder want to meet powerful partners, but Tinder Select has separated wealthy singles from other singles. When we live in a society where “everyone is equal”, we may wonder why Tinder offers such a new feature that can't be used by everyone.

Tinder never specialized in millionaire dating, so does Tinder really know how to facilitate millionaire dating? Maybe you already know that anyone can join Tinder, but most people can't join Tinder Select. That means only a very small number of Tinder's users are using Tinder Select now. Because Tinder didn't specialize in millionaire dating and suddenly made such a move recently, can Tinder help celebrities, super models and millionaires to find love effectively? There are some millionaire dating websites on the market that specifically introduce millionaires and those who want to date millionaires to each other, and they have been doing this for a very long time, hence their experiences and knowledge are probably better.

Tinder Select only has a small number of users, so that probably means options are quite limited in it. We all understand that in order to find quality, quantity matters! However, Tinder Select doesn't really have a large number of members in it, so Tinder still allows these millionaires to use the traditional version of Tinder while enjoying being in Tinder Select. Well, apparently, Tinder Select hasn't really been successful yet.

Tinder Select's selection criteria are unknown. This isn't fair - nobody really knows how Tinder invites millionaires to join Tinder Select. Therefore, it's just not transparent. At the very beginning, Tinder invited some rich members to join Tinder Select, and then asked these rich members to nominate other rich members that they know - this is how Tinder Select grew their user numbers. Yet Tinder has no clear standards when it comes to who can join Tinder Select, although they claim that they spent two and a half months just to build the standards for Tinder Select.

Although celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry and Hillary Duff have used Tinder, it doesn't mean you will meet them on Tinder anymore. Because of Tinder Select, from now on, you'll probably never meet any celebrities on Tinder anymore as all of them will be in the members-only Tinder Select. That certainly doesn't sound promising to most people out there.

After doing some research, we have realized that the best millionaire dating service on the market is actually MillionaireMatch.com because it is the world's largest and original millionaire dating site in history. MillionaireMatch.com has been on the market for more than 16 years already, so it certainly doesn't discriminate against anyone and can help millionaires find love effectively and efficiently due to their large number of active members. This is not just our conclusion. In fact, Forbes, CNN, ABC, CBS and The Wall Street Journal all mentioned MillionaireMatch.com repeatedly. So hopefully people can understand why a traditional millionaire dating site is still working better today.

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