Millionaires are no Fools Except When it Comes to Love

Millionaire LoveMillionaires are often self-made men or women with a great aptitude for business and making money.

They are no fools when it comes to making business decisions, such as starting or expanding companies or arranging take-overs of other non-performing companies, and the fact that they are millionaires is ample proof of their business acumen and abilities.

Millionaires can also be ruthless when it comes to making tough decisions such as those which might affect the lives of their staff or employees (in the event profit levels are not high enough, for example)... but when it comes to matters of the heart, the whole scenario often changes.

How many times do you see a rich man or millionaire make decisions which seem strange to other people about who they wish to date or marry? How many times do millionaires let their emotional feelings outweigh or take over their thinking when they see a beautiful young woman or handsome man they feel attracted to or wish to date (as the case may be)?

Often, and there are many well known cases of celebrity millionaires making interesting decisions in terms of their dating partners, millionaires put aside their hard hearted business persona for a much softer, more relaxed approach to their love life. But it's not only such softer approach it's just that makes other people surprised.

In some cases, it's the choice of partners made by some millionaires which causes others to question whether such millionaires are potentially foolish in matters of the heart. It's not unusual to hear or read about cases where millionaires, again either male or female, often have a long term partner who, once they become rich and successful, seek to change for a younger more attractive version. Not only this, but the new lady or man in the life of the millionaire is either found extremely quickly without really allowing enough time for either party to get to know each other well or they are subsequently frequently changed as the millionaire looks for that elusive ingredient in any relationship - love!

So, hurried new relationships and poor decisions in new partners become the norm for many millionaires; they can't seem to be satisfied with the partner they have. But perhaps the most foolish part of all of this is the fact that many millionaires end up paying out vast sums of money to ex-partners and lovers with whom they were clearly romantically incompatible at the outset.

As a result, business wise, love foolish seems to be a good maxim for many modern millionaires and rich men!

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