Why Do Rich Men Prefer Asian Women

Older rich men dating younger women was nothing unusual when taken from the point of view of a culture. But when the older rich men become identifiable as white men dating younger women of another culture, such as Asian, the observed practice becomes some sort of a social phenomenon.

In reality, it has become known as the "yellow fever" or "the Asian mystique".

Men are naturally attracted to the opposite sex. There is nothing unusual about that. But recent studies from sightings have shown that rich men, particularly white men, have exhibited a particular preference for Asian women in their search for dates.

Why would white rich men have a special liking for Asian women? Of course, their gregariousness will explain their initiative. But the choice of the Asian girl over girls of other cultures begs an unravelling of the Asian mystique.

Rich Men Asian Women

Unravelling the Asian Mystique

In an attempt to explain this mystique, an extensive research was conducted from testimonies of white men, and other men, who were involved in some romantic way with an Asian woman, as well as stories of Asian women who became successful after being involved with a white man. The following bulleted descriptions of the Asian women were culled and compiled from this research:

  • Asian women are plainly simply beautiful. They are stunningly beautiful even without the makeup or the accessories. In that state, they can be sensual and gorgeous. And they can stay that way for a long time for they know how to care for their bodies.
  • The complexion of the Asian woman is the perfect hue for her supple body. Her skin tone on exposed parts of her body is what most Western women crave to have as they tan, and her tone underneath her cover is the magic that makes for that perfect bed experience.
  • Asian women are very loving and deeply affectionate. They are not necessarily submissive but they are never dominating nor too aggressive.
  • Asian women are smart and silently intellectual, but do not compete with their partners for roles. They will not exhibit their intellectual capacity unless they are asked.
  • Asian women cook well. They must have learned that the stomach is closer to the heart and can drive their partners next to heaven with their cooking.
  • Asian women are not only for the money. Though money is important to them, they do not crave for it. Many Asian women have proven to have a keen business sense when given the opportunity to help in the partner's business.
  • Asian women are loyal mates, who stand for and by their partners. In fact, a great many starting dates end up as husband-and-wife and even establish large families where their Asian dates reside.
  • Asian women accord their partners the respect they deserve. They recognize their mates as their protector against any or all threats, even if there is none. They make their partners feel very masculine.

Why do rich men dating younger women prefer Asian women?

Coming down to it, it's because of the Asian woman's ability to exhibit all these above characteristics, thereby enhancing her relationships with her partner without threatening her partner's roles. As the Asian woman does everything to be her partner's woman of desire, she respects and honors him as a person. This symbiotic feeling of appreciation elevates their self-worth and makes them look for each other the next time around.

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