Why Does Millionaire Match Reject Sugar Daddies

Recently, a growing number of daters ask why they can't find sugar daddies on Millionaire Match. Well, the answer is quite straightforward: Millionaire Match rejects sugar daddy traffic 100%.

Millionaire Match No Sugar Daddies

  • Would you like to take your partner to meet your family and friends? If you meet someone on a millionaire dating site, you can take them to meet friends and family members because it's a legitimate and serious relationship. However, if you meet someone on a sugar daddy dating site, chances are you can't take them to meet your family and friends because it's only an arrangement which probably has to be confidential. In the short term, you may find an arrangement satisfying. But in the long term, you will apparently want to have a long-term relationship that makes you happy.
  • How long would you like your relationship to last? The relationship found through a millionaire dating website tends to last much longer than a sugar relationship (AKA an arrangement). Many relationships started from MillionaireMatch lead to marriage. In contrast, most arrangements never lead to marriage anyway. Hence, if you are interested in having a stable and sustainable relationship, joining a millionaire dating site is a good move.
  • Members on Millionaire Match are more generous than sugar daddies on sugar daddy dating sites. Statistics show that generous members on millionaire matchmaking sites actually spend much more than rich men on sugar daddy dating websites. Further analysis reveals that people on millionaire matchmaking websites are looking for serious relationships; as a result, they are more likely to spend more money in order to achieve this goal. By contrast, sugar daddies on sugar daddy sites are looking for short-term flings, so why would they want to spend more on something that doesn't even last? Please note that people only spend more money on things and experiences that they highly value.
  • People searching for sugar daddy dating are totally different from people searching for millionaire dating. When someone is searching for "sugar daddy dating", this individual is clearly not looking for a real relationship because they are looking to have an arrangement only. Nevertheless, when an individual is searching for "millionaire dating", this person is obviously looking for something more serious. In other words, these are two completely different mindsets which belong to very different categories. So, MillionaireMatch doesn't want to attract the wrong Internet traffic. Now MillionaireMatch has removed everything, anything on its description and logo explicitly attracting sugar daddy traffic. Obviously, this millionaire matchmaking platform focuses on attracting millionaires only & nowadays they have very clear guidelines in this regard as well.
  • Millionaire Match can't compete with Seeking Arrangement. To be 100% transparent, if MillionaireMatch actually wants to attract sugar daddies, there is no way for MillionaireMatch to compete with Seeking Arrangement(SA) because SA has more than 10 million members worldwide. Having said that, the broadened field for millionaires is probably 100 times bigger than that for sugar daddies. Frankly, how many millionaires are legitimate sugar daddies anyway? But almost every millionaire wants to have a good partner.
  • Millionaire Match has decided to work 10 times harder in order to reinforce its current leadership position in the millionaire dating industry. As mentioned by multiple upscale matchmakers in person, MillionaireMatch is the biggest brand in the millionaire matchmaking industry online and offline. Also, the homepage of MillioniareMatch has been redesigned recently; thus, now this upscale dating site looks more modern and chicer. Additionally, in order to prevent scammers from joining the site, every registration must be verified by a mobile phone number these days. All of these efforts are here to provide members with better millionaire dating services.

In conclusion, Millionaire Match rejects sugar daddies because it's in a different industry. Indeed, millionaire matchmaking is definitely different from sugar daddy dating in almost every single way. Those who are looking for sugar daddies would be well-advised to look elsewhere.

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